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What characteristics make a dance shoe? Will they really make a difference in my dancing?

Dance shoes are more comfortable and give more freedom of movement, especially for women. The biggest difference between regular street shoes and dance shoes are the soles. Dance shoes are made with either leather or suede bottoms, which allow better movement on the dance floor, particularly during spins. Leather bottoms are popular with Swing dancers and Suede bottoms are popular with Latin and Swing dancers. Suede bottomed shoes have a non-slip grip on the dance floor and can also create long-lasting spins. Leather bottoms make it easier to slide on the dance floor.
Another difference is that dancing shoes are designed to stay on the heels better. Again, this makes a big difference while spinning, as it is usually the heel that slips out of regular street shoes first while dancing. Most Women’s shoes have traditional buckles or quick release buckles.

What is the best heel height for dancing?

WOMEN: For women who are not used to wearing heels, a lower heel height is suggested. Common heel heights range between 1 and 3 inches. Thicker heels distribute weight over more surface area and are definitely more comfortable to wear. Thicker, shorter heels are called Cuban heels. Some dance shoe style are available in platform heels, which gives the look of a higher heel height.
MEN: For Latin, many styles come in a 1.5 inch heel. At least a 1 inch heel is available in most Men’s dance shoe styles. Heels are recommended to help with hip movement.

Does sizing on dance shoes differ from regular shoes?

No, with the exception of the Dance Sneakers. Because the Sneakers are unisex, men should order 2 sizes larger than their regular shoe size (ex. Men's size 9 is a size 11 in the Dance Sneakers). For customers outside the U.S., please refer to our size chart.

How can I take care of my dance shoes?

To keep shoes looking clean, shoe polish is great for leather. Satin, mesh and sparkle net can be cleaned with soap and water. Suede bottom shoes can wear out quickly if worn on the street. It is best to wear suede bottom shoes on dance floor surfaces only (such as hard wood floors). We suggest switching into dance shoes once arriving to your dance destination. Many dance new shoes come with a shoe bag for this reason.
Wire shoe brushed can be used to clean suede bottom shoes. The wire not only removes debris from the bottom, but it also lifts the nap to make the suede like new again.

What can I do if my feet get tired on the dance floor?

We suggest using a cushioned sole. As dancers may be on the dance floor for long periods of time, having a cushioned sole will keep your feet from growing tired quickly. Some dance shoes come with extra padding built into the sole and any dance shoe can hold shoe inserts found in general stores and pharmacies.

What should I do if the bottom suede is extremely worn out?

Dance shoes can often be taken into shoe repair stores to have the bottoms re-sueded.

Are your dance sneakers unisex?


Do you offer group discounts on shoes?

Absolutely. We offer a group discount of 10% for six or more of the same item purchased regardless of size or color.

What is your return policy on shoes?

For our return policy, please click here. **Please note that any worn shoes cannot be returned. The shoes must be returned as they were purchased.